Monthly Archives: March 2013

Lost Pages

It was almost midnight when I made a discovery that made me throw things – then cry.

When I’m not able to use my computer I use an iPad app called “Pages” to write my stories. (Can you see already where I’m going with this?) Yesterday was one of those days when I had to create time in order to get anything done so I was using my iPad to write whenever I could. This was on the train mainly, but I also did about an hour’s work at home. I then decided to leave it for a while and make my husband watch Sherlock (the good one… i.e. the BBC one).

Before bed I decided to look over some of my work. Yep. My iPad had decided that the latest version of my work mustn’t have been good enough and replaced it with a version of my document that was A WEEK OLD!

After about two minutes of, “No. No! NOOO!” (imagine Donna Noble) I tore my glasses from my face and had to find the strength within me not the throw them across the room. I then raised my iPad and fought the same internal battle not to throw that as well. What happened next was a mad scramble to find something on my bedside table that wasn’t (a) breakable and (b) likely to break something else. Luckily I found an empty Nurofen bottle and pitched it as hard as I could out of my bedroom door.

Then I cried.

A short while later, after my husband had made me a cup of tea and offered to sleep on the couch, I discovered a copy of the document that I had emailed myself the previous day. It wasn’t everything but I was able to spend an hour and a half rewriting the parts I’d lost. It is astounding just how much I remembered in the end.

I went to bed at 2am.