Evolution – Season 39, Story 4

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While travelling to the Eye of Orion, the Doctor and his companions encounter a powerful telepathic field that tears the TARDIS from the Time Vortex. Crash landing on the planet Satrigon in the year 3450, the Doctor discovers that the primitive species he once knew has become an advanced military civilisation, in just over 200 years.

The Doctor, Val and Tom investigate claims that gods have advanced the species and learn that the population regularly experience psychic communication with these mysterious deities known collectively as The Colony.

When the time travellers begin to experience these events for themselves, the Doctor and his companions become caught in a race against time to find out what is accelerating the evolutionary rate of the Satrigorns—before worlds are destroyed and the lines between reality and illusion are dissolved permanently.

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Evolution - Titles - Kevin Mullen - MEDIUM

Evolution Update

Today I was sent the cover for my Doctor Who novella Evolution!

I’d post it here but I’m not allowed to yet. It’s being kept under wraps along with all the other covers for the stories in this season. I’m really excited about it though – and extremely happy with that way it has turned out. It’s so lovely to see a scene (or a landscape in this case) brought to life by an artist.

I’ve now done my final edits and the manuscript has been returned to the editor for one last glance. I don’t expect that I’ll need to make any more changes, which is great. I can now focus on my next project… more to come on that soon!



Now that I’m waiting for an editor to get back to me with notes about my first draft, I’m finding myself with more time on my hands. And while I’m going about my day – working, doing home duties, playing with the kids – there is this little voice in the back of my mind. It’s a constant presence that sounds like what I would imagine a little, excited puppy would sound like.

“So what’s next, eh? What are we going to do? What are we going to write? You know you want to try a screenplay. How about that drama/comedy you want to write on spec? Or how about you just practice a bit more first by writing an episode of Doctor Who for fun? Or maybe, maybe you should just finish that short story you were working on a while back? Or the fantasy novel? You’re up to the third chapter and last time you read it, only the first couple of pages were shit. Maybe if you started a proper outline for that one you might get back into it…”

I think I’m just stalling because I’ve given myself too many choices. But I’m happy to go with that for now. I feel like I’m swimming around in idea-minestrone. That’s okay. I’ll dance with it a bit more and see where my passion leads :)