Parting Clouds

Doctor Who: Parting Clouds

As promised, here is the final version of ‘Parting Clouds’…

“Slow, careful steps took her out into the night, damp grass pressing up between her toes. A light breeze raised goose bumps on her arms and she clutched her nightdress around her more tightly. Wispy trails of silver hair drifted about her shoulders. Vaguely she wondered how long it would take this time for someone to notice she had gone missing and come to fetch her back to bed…”

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Parting Clouds

Yesterday I had an amazing experience. I was driving home from work, listening to a selection of soundtrack albums. One particular track came on – which I had only heard on TV quite some time ago. It is a beautiful and emotive piece of music. And as I was driving along an almost fully-fleshed fan-fiction story idea filtered into my head. I was so excited by the idea that I sat down at the computer as soon as I got home. In a few hours (around my parents dropping around and taking my kids swimming) I had knocked out a 2,000 word short story.

(5/5 edit: I had some feedback about the pacing of the ending so I’ve removed the story from this post and edited it. I will repost the final draft in my next post.)

Oh, and if you’re interested – this is the music that inspired this story:

“Four Knocks” – Doctor Who: The Specials Soundtrack
“Vale” – Doctor Who: The Specials Soundtrack

Bonus points for listening to the music softly in the background while reading. Extra bonus points if you can listen the “Four Knocks” twice then “Vale”, timing it so that the 2 minute mark of “Vale” coincides with the last page. Okay, maybe that’s pushing it a little. I just love the idea of stories having a soundtrack. Besides, it’s important not to accidentally read the end first.

Oh Gods, don’t do that!

Don’t. Do. That.

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