Evolution Update

Today I was sent the cover for my Doctor Who novella Evolution!

I’d post it here but I’m not allowed to yet. It’s being kept under wraps along with all the other covers for the stories in this season. I’m really excited about it though – and extremely happy with that way it has turned out. It’s so lovely to see a scene (or a landscape in this case) brought to life by an artist.

I’ve now done my final edits and the manuscript has been returned to the editor for one last glance. I don’t expect that I’ll need to make any more changes, which is great. I can now focus on my next project… more to come on that soon!


The Greatest Story Never Told

My daughter is a massive Eleventh Doctor fan. For Christmas last year, I wrote her a short story which made her the star of her very own Doctor Who story. Perhaps best of all, it gave me the opportunity to play with Photoshop and create a book complete with pictures that made it look as though my daughter truly did go on this adventure. My daughter was suitably impressed and excited to receive this gift, much to my delight. Now only if I could get Matt Smith to sign it for her :)

Read the story: The Greatest Story Never Told
or you can read it in pdf format: The Greatest Story Never Told (pdf)